About the Amber fetcher

Amber is software run by blogs and websites ("Amber hosts") to keep links working. It does this by storing a mirror of pages linked to by that host. Each host stores mirrors on their web space; Amber is not a centralized system.

If a page on your website is preserved by an Amber host, Amber will either visit the page only once or periodically. This determination depends on the preferences set by the Amber user. If periodically, Amber will visit at a pace that will not disrupt normal web activity.

Amber respects the Robots Exclusion Standard (see below) and does not preserve any web page that opts out of web crawling via this protocol.

How do I turn it off?

Amber uses the user agent "Amber" when preserving web pages. The most explicit way to prevent an Amber host from preserving any page on your website is to put these two lines into the robots.txt file on your server:

user-agent: Amber
disallow: /